2023 Ockenden International Prizes

R-SEAT encourages RLOs and other refugee-serving organizations to apply to the 2023 Ockenden International Prizes, due November 30th, 2022 and announcing winners March 31st, 2023. The four successful applicants will each be awarded £25,000 to support project delivery. From Ockenden’s website:

“Ockenden International is looking for projects, activities and/or programmes (each ‘a project’) which advance self-reliance among refugees and/or displaced people.  You can enter a project run by your organization or you can nominate a project managed by a non-profit partner or affiliated organization.  In these Entry Rules, ‘the organization’ refers to the organization which manages the project.”

R-SEAT will support 4-5 RLOs with their applications. Please contact info@refugeeseat.org if you are interested in receiving support, with the following information included:

  • your name
  • your organization’s name
  • your organization’s website/social media/other available information about your work
  • your proposed project
  • your general availability (incl. timezone) for a 1 hour call

Application Guidelines:

The project should be the entire focus of the entry. All entries should be made via the online Entry Form. All entries – and supporting documentation, including financials and accounts (in $US) – must be in English.

  • Organisations may submit one entry only in each prize year.  Unsuccessful organisations are welcome to reapply in future years.
  • Previous winners are ineligible for three years.
  • The project must benefit refugees and/or displaced people with a strong emphasis on promoting self-reliance. The primary focus of the project must be helping refugees and/or displaced people in need, rather than this being an ancillary benefit.
  • The organisation must be able to show that the project has been effective with measurable evidence of positive outcomes.
  • The project entered must be up-and-running before the 1st of March 2022.
  • Entrants must include a copy of the organisation’s latest audited accounts with their application. Where audited accounts are not available, entrants will have to provide other

Access a copy of the application form below: