Refugee-led Organizations (RLOs) are able to draw on the lived experience of their leadership and staff to better tailor the services they deliver to the needs of refugees. Many refugees form organizations to help other refugees take control of their own destinies after disruptive experiences of forced displacement. Refugees who have control over their lives taken away are among those who most seek independence.

R-SEAT is privileged to be comprised of prominent experts in the global refugee leadership ecosystem. Through years of dedicated work, we have built networks of non-profit leaders, state officers, academics, researchers, humanitarian lawyers, foundations, industry professionals, activists, and other like-minded individuals who want to support refugee-led organizations. 

R-SEAT has open-sourced its network to organizations within the global refugee leadership ecosystem. R-SEAT believes that access is critical to representation, which is why R-SEAT seeks to connect refugees and RLOs to stakeholders within the global refugee policymaking space. If you are a part of the global refugee leadership ecosystem, we want to put you face to face with people who can unlock your organization’s potential, and provide crucial insight and connections.

Below you will find the logos, names, and bios of members of this network who have voluntarily elected to be contacted by RLOs and refugees as part of R-SEAT’s work. Feel free to email us at if you would like to be connected to people and/or organizations in our network with a brief summary of your work and why you would like to connect with them.

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