Refugee-led organizations are able to draw on the lived experiences of their members to enhance the design and delivery of programming and empower refugees. Unfortunately, the global refugee leadership ecosystem faces barriers to sustainable sources of funding. Since they are also excluded from global refugee policymaking, they also are not always privy to the latest research and reporting in their field.

On this page, R-SEAT seeks to share research on the global refugee crisis, different policy approaches pioneered in various states, assessments of those approaches, and other information. We hope this page can serve as a tool for the refugee leadership ecosystem to supplement its applications for funding, communications to policy makers and media, and public awareness efforts more generally. 

These resources have been assembled at the recommendation of the experts who comprise R-SEAT. They have been published by a variety of academic journals, INGOs, and state-sponsored research groups. We also encourage refugee-led organizations to perform their own research, and invite them to share it with us so we may assist in distributing it. We hope these resources will help enable refugee-led organizations to pursue their advocacy and programming worldwide.

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