Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table (R-SEAT) is an international initiative working to enhance the effectiveness of global refugee responses, by co-designing mechanisms to amplify refugee leadership ecosystems and increase the participation of refugees at state levels in a meaningful, sustainable, and transformative way.


Our mission is to secure commitments from 20 ExCom Member States to formalize refugee participation in their respective national delegations. R-SEAT also works to build capacity within the global refugee leadership ecosystem by connecting refugee leaders and refugee-led organizations (RLOs) with relevant stakeholders, (including policy makers, foundations, and other non-profit organizations).


Our vision is for refugees to play a major role within the central decision-making bodies of the Global Refugee Regime, including ExCom, the Annual Tripartite Commission for Resettlement (ATCR), the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) and similar avenues for refugee policymaking at the global level. R-SEAT strives to represent the voices of RLOs in our own capacity as a network of refugees active in the refugee policy and service delivery spaces in countries all over the world.


R-SEAT aims to act as connective tissue between actors in the growing global ecosystem of refugees supporting their own representation, and likeminded activists. By facilitating connections between RLOs, policymakers, foundations, donors, supporters, and refugee clients being served by organizations, we strive to harmonize refugee representation in the global refugee ecosystem.